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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Traditional Boat Race

Traditional Boat Race is also one the important events and festivals of Indonesia. People take part in this event will full enthusiasm. This Traditional Boat Race is usually celebrated on the day of independence celebrations that is on 17th august. Traditional Boat Race of Indonesia also became the part of South East Asian games.Traditional Boat Race of Indonesia is one of the most awaited festivals and events in Indonesia. Locals as well as tourists wait for the whole year to part in this grand event. People even fly off from different parts of the country to become a part of this grand event. A Dragon boat is used in the Traditional Boat Race . The boat is a long and narrow boat, which is basically a human powered boat. For the Traditional Boat Race this dragon boats are decorated with flowers and other decorative items, which makes the boat even more attractive. The heads and tails of the dragon are used to carry drum aboard.
The crew members or participants of the Traditional Boat Race are almost 22, which mainly consist of 20 paddlers. These paddlers are in pairs. They usually face toward the bow of the boat. Moreover there is one drummer .he usually faces the bow toward the paddlers. There is also one steerer at the boat, Dragon boats, which are used in Traditional Boat Race , are of different sizes. According to which the number of crew members also vary. In small dragon boats there are even 10 paddlers. There are also huge dragon boats where the numbers of crew members may rose to 50 paddlers.
Traditional Boat Race organized in Indonesia has also become part of the Independence Day celebrations. The sight of the traditional boat competing against each other in the blue crystal water of Indonesia is truly amazing. You can find people cheering for their respective teams in this occasion. Moreover, some food stalls also come up during the event.
Pay a trip to Indonesia during the Traditional Boat Race and get yourself fully entertained.

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