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Monday, 14 February 2011

Guci Hot Spring

If the city of Bogor has a peak, having Baturaden Purwokerto, Yogyakarta has Urang time, the town of Tegal, besides known as a producer of tea and satenya, Tegal also have a tourist area that is not inferior to other areas ie hot spring famous Jar cool and beautiful.
Bordered by Bradford and Tourism Pekalongan Jar is at the foot of Mount Slamet. Jars that are geographically into Tegal regency is a fertile area of the cold valve. The atmosphere pegununungan already apparent when we entered the Tegal regency. The jar is precisely located in District Bumijawa, Tegal regency.
Before entering the hot spring attractions that we would be arriving Jar fertile area with views of rice paddies, vegetable oil and red onion will dominate along the right and left sides of the road we've been through. Pain can not wait to feel the water that it seems efficacious in the Jar entertained with beautiful scenery and cool air. Royal road to a less crowded Jar increasingly penetrated the soul and awaken suasasa peaceful countryside.
About five miles back to the location, it appears the villas that line the edge or lodging rented to accommodate travelers who want to spend the night. Tegal is not only known by the jar, tea pocinya must not forget to taste. It feels less afdol if've arrived at Tegal not sipped his tea is thick and sweet. Pocinya made of clay adds its own pleasure.
According to the myth that has been around for hundreds of years, hot water jar is Walisongo water given to the people they sent to broadcast the Islamic religion to the western part of Central Java in the vicinity of Tegal. Because water was placed in a jar (pitcher), and efficacious to bring blessings, people mention the location of the water with a jar.
But because the water is very limited provision of guardians, on Friday night Kliwon, one of his magic wand sunan stuck to the ground. God willing, hot water flows without this grace-filled sulfur. Well, until now, every Friday night POND, many people come and bathe in this hot water bathing place to get a blessing. For the community around these attractions, Jar is warm water that flows freely from the ends, continuously, without stopping. The warmth of the water is believed to cure diseases.
There are about 10 waterfalls located in the Jar. At the top of the bathhouse called the shower 13. Somewhat distant about one mile, there are waterfalls with cold water Jedor named Waterfall. Named so because of first place in the vicinity of 15 meter high waterfall that is owned by a headman named Village Jedor.
Bath shower 13 is the location most visited by many people. So called because it has a shower numbered thirteen fruit. These baths can be enjoyed by anyone who do not pay alias. Also, soaking in the shower is the alternative seven other woods. At this shower, the villagers are also frequent bathing Jar either for the purpose of seeking blessings and to cure diseases such as rheumatism, sores or other skin diseases.
The object of this tour is usually crowded on Friday nights Kliwon. Many people who ngalap blessing. That said, if a bath at twelve o'clock to ask something, any request will be granted. This belief has been passed down through generations. If you just want to enjoy the scenery, Jar offers a tour of the forest. While the streets enjoying the view of pine trees, you can feel the coolness of this region.
If not interested in sightseeing, you can rent horses to get around and see waterfalls. That way you can enjoy the scenery without feeling tired and at the same time can learn to ride a horse. If you want to feel satisfied tour around the area covering about 210 hectares, you can stay in this area for several days. There are many lodging here, from the classroom until the star jasmine.
Indeed this tourist attraction is situated at the foot of Mount Slamet the north with an altitude of approximately 1050 meters from the town of Slawi about 30 km from the town of Tegal distance or travel about 40 km to the south. In this resort has available a variety of facilities such as lodging, tours jungle (ecotourism), heated pool, tennis courts, soccer fields, hotels, villas and camping grounds.
The jar is easy to reach from the various regions. From Slawi You can ride the mini bus majoring in Earth Java. Ekitar After thirty minutes, you stop at the Village Tuwel. There are many vehicles waiting for passengers to pick up jars. From the trip were said thirty menitpun will take you to a really interesting sights this.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Parangtritis, the Most Popular Beach in Yogyakarta

Parangtritis is the best sights to enjoy the sunset while having fun conquering sand dunes with ATVs (All-Terrain Vechile) or along the beach with a gig in a romantic twilight.
Parangtritis located 27 km south of the city of Yogyakarta and easily accessible by public transportation that operates until 17:00 pk and private vehicles. Afternoon near sundown is the best time to visit the most popular beach in Yogyakarta. But if you arrive more quickly, it could not hurt to go up to the cliffs behind the beach Gembirawati this. From there we could see the whole area Parangtritis, south sea, up to the boundary horizon.
Pssst, YogYES will tell you a secret. Not many people know that in the east of this cliff hidden a ruined temple. Unlike the other temples are located in mountainous areas, Temple Gembirawati only a few hundred meters from the lip Parangtritis. To reach this temple, we can get past the ramp near Hotel Queen of the South and then go up the path to the west about 100 meters. The faint roar of the sea south of the ferocious waves could be heard from this temple.
Parangtritis very closely with the legend of Ratu Kidul. Many people believe that Java is the gateway Parangtritis Queen of South magical kingdom who ruled the sea south. Hotel Queen of the South is a luxurious resort that is named according to this legend. Unfortunately this is rarely resorts to open even though used to have a view that could make us breathless. Romantic Sunset in Parangtritis
When the sun is inclined to the west and sunny weather, it's time to have fun. Although visitors are prohibited from swimming, Parangtritis not lack the means to having fun. On the beach there are rentals of ATV (All-terrain Vechile), the tariff is about Rp. 50000-100000 per half hour. Enter it into gear and then release the clutch, pulling gas. Brrrrooom, four-wheeled all-terrain motorcycle will be shot takes you across the sand dune beaches.
Well, ATVs may only be suitable for those who are adventurous. Another option is the gig. Along the smooth sand surface waves swept with this 2-wheeled horse-drawn carriage is not less enjoyable. Bendi will bring us to the eastern tip reef cluster Parangtritis place is so beautiful, so often used as a spot pre-wedding photo shoot. The twilight of the dim and golden sun shadow on the water surface generate a romantic atmosphere.
Parangtritis also offers fun for those who travel with family. Flying kites with your baby is equally enjoyable. Strong sea breeze which is very helpful to make a kite flying high, even if you've never played a kite though.
Still reluctant to go home even though the sun had set? Soon some roasted corn sellers will hold a mat on the beach, we could hang out there until late at night. Still not going home? Do not worry, Parangtritis available in dozens of hostels and lodging at an affordable price.
Romantic Sunset in Parangtritis
Along the smooth sand surface waves swept with this 2-wheeled horse-drawn carriage is not less enjoyable. The twilight of the dim and golden sun shadow on the water surface generate a romantic atmosphere.
Having Fun with ATVs in Parangtritis
At the edge of many rental Parangtritis ATV (All-terrain Vechile). Enter it into gear and then release the clutch, pulling gas. Brrrrooom, four-wheeled all-terrain motorcycle will be shot takes you across the sand dune beaches.
ATV Rental in Parangtritis
Although visitors are prohibited from swimming, Parangtritis not lack the means to having fun. In many rental beachfront ATV (All-terrain Vechile), the tariff is about Rp. 50000-100000 per half hour.
Enjoying the Sunset at Parangtritis on ATV
When the sun is inclined to the west and sunny weather, it's time to have fun. ATV riding, gig, or a horse when the sun goes down is a pleasant experience.

Corn seller in Parangtritis
Still reluctant to go home even though the sun had set? Soon some roasted corn sellers will hold a mat on the beach, we could hang out there until late at night.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Adventure to Karimunjawa

Karimun islands in the Java Sea is included in the district of Jepara,Central Java. With an area of 1500 hectares of land and waters ± ±110 000 hectares, Karimunjawa now developed into a tourist charms Marine Park which began much-loved local and foreigntourists.

Based on the legend that circulated in the islands, Karimun Jawawas discovered by Sunan Muria. The legend tells about SunanMuria are concerned about the mischief her son, Amir Hasan. For the purpose of educating, Sunan Muria then ordered his son to go toan island that appears "kremun-kremun" (escape) from the summit of Mount Moriah for the child to deepen and develop the science ofreligion. Because it appears "kremun-kremun" then dinamakanlahisland of Karimun Island.

Since March 15, 2001, Karimunjawa set by the government of Jepara as National Park. Publications are home to coral reefs,mangroves, coastal forest and fauna species nearly 400 ocean, 242 species of fish including ornamental. Some of the rare fauna thatberhabitat here is the sea eagle and white chest, hawksbill, andgreen turtle.

Plants that characterized National Park Karimunjawa namelyDewadaru (Crystocalyx macrophyla) found in lowland rain forest.

Waves in Karimunjawa low and tame, mostly limited by the beach isfine white sand beach.

Transportation to the island of Karimun, there are two kinds, via thesea and air. Sea lane to use fast ship Kartini I, starting from the port of Tanjung Mas Semarang, which take about 2 hours. The second channel using the ferry from the port in the town of Jepara Kartini,because it used the ferry, then travel time becomes 2X speed boatin the appeal Kartini I, about 6 hours from the town of Jepara. As for the air route, can take advantage of a small plane belongingTortoises resorts from Achmad Yani airport in Semarang.

To see the detailed schedule and type of transportation to Karimun,you can see it here bro, her blog Jepara Tourist Information Center.

Publications are now developed into tourist charms Marine Park which began much-loved local and foreign tourists. Various points to be a place of dives, including beach- beach on the island of Menjangan Besar, Menjangan Small, Geleang, Bengkoang, Parang, Twins, katang, Krakal Small, and the island of Beetles. In addition to coral reefs and mangrove forests, coastal areas Karimun Islands also enhanced with a vast expanse of seagrass beds. On land, forests also store wealth in the form of various birds and mammals are protected. There was also a population of long-tailed deer and monkeys and white hawks that inhabit the sea chest and island Bird island Geleang. 

This recreational activity not only be enjoyed by visitors who like snorkeling, but also for visitors who are just happy to see the boat.Publications that provide bottom boat made of translucent glass (glass bottom boat). Menjangan Besar also enriched with the aquarium that resembles the sea, offers a diversity of fish found in Karimun.
Karimunjawa itself also has a National Park Publications, formerly known as the Nature Reserve Publications.
1. Culinary
Publications famous for its distinctive food, among others getuk, popcorn, and the misbegotten. However, the most popular are broyo foods, foods that legume-based and can be found in almost all contained in Karimun island.
2. Transportation
Karimun Islands can be reached via the port of Tanjung Mas Semarang, and from Jepara Kartini through the port. From Tanjung Mas Semarang, Boat Racing (KMC) Kartini I, departing every Saturday at 9:00 and Monday, at 7:00. The same vessel also serves the route port-Karimunjawa Jepara Kartini every Monday at 10:00. Motor vessel serving the route Muria Muria-Karimun depart every Saturday and Wednesday, at 9:00.
From the Karimun Islands, Kartini I go every Sunday, at 14.00 and Tuesday, at 9:00. KMP Muria depart every Monday and Thursday at 09.00. For inter-island transportation, available means of motor boats that cost depends on distance traveled or duration of use.Karimun can also be accessed through the air with Cassa 212 aircraft types that depart from Ahmad Yani Airport, Semarang towards Dewadaru airfield on the island of Karimun. 

3. Souvenirs
As a tourist village, Karimunjawa has been supplemented by various support facilities are adequate. As the flagship is a craft gift timber. In addition to the wooden crafts, other souvenirs offered generally in the form of domestic industrial products such as jerseys, hats, anchovies, fish sauce, molten metal items, processed food from seaweed, and coconut oil.
Religious Tourism 
Snorkeling and diving is a natural thing done when we travel to the island of Karimun. However, religious tours like pilgrimage to the tomb of Sunan Nyamplungan could be an alternative to a tourist destination, especially for those who want to learn history. For performing arts and culture here is almost extinct due to lack of special attention from local governments in preserving local arts and culture.
Sunan Nyamplungan
Many versions of it that tells the history of Sunan Nyamplungan itself. Based on the narrative of the cemetery caretaker, the father of Tyoso, Sunan Nyamplungan Amir Hasan have real names, some say the son of Sunan Kudus and Goddess Rupil, but some say the son of Sunan Muria. Sheikh Amir Hasan (Sunan Nyamplungan) kebandelannya famous at that time. So by his father, he was told to go to the north. When viewed from the Mount Muria, in the northern group of islands which seem dim (kremun-kremun). Hence, the island then called the Karimun Java (kremun-kremun kethok cornerstone Jowo = faintly visible from Java).Additionally, in Arabic, means Mulya Karimun. The name can be interpreted Mulya Karimun Java-mulyane Jowo (Mulya-mulyanya Java.).
Nyamplungan name that is used as the name of this village originally derived from the name of the tree. At that time, around the coast, there are many trees nyamplung. It is said that the story, Nyamplung tree is quite sacred. Sunan Nyamplungan very fond of the fruit of this tree. In the 1980's, by the owner of the land, the trees are cut. Whether by coincidence or not, the father of Ali a local community through the reckless felling sites, almost crushed by the tree. coincidence that the tree trunk has 2 branches on top, so that when the position of the tree has fallen to the ground, the right flank branch Mr Ali's body and only slightly scratched skin.
Legon catfish
Another story with the famous legend of catfish in this region because of catfish dikarimunjawa do not have a keen shaft. Then later this catfish breeding area later called Legon Lele. Historically I do not understand and only know a little info, so I do not write here. Catfish Legon area is a fertile region, although not widespread we could see some commodities such as cashew nut plantations, coconuts along the beach and there are also plant rice.Springs to Karimun island needs are in this area.
At Legon Lele also has Campgrounds (Camping Ground), so for my friends who want to feel the atmosphere of the forest can camp here, though not so widely not bad for the experience. 

Seaweed dikarimunjawa very big different with seaweed in Yogyakarta, maybe because I eat there, if you've taken to Yogyakarta has shrunk as possible. Seaweed cultivation dikarimunjawa last 5 years are very trend, unlike the first time, people more often find fish by using a boat around the island.Perhaps because the sea grass that exists at high prices in the market and are very enthused people outside Karimunjawa.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mystery of Borobudur Temple

In Indonesia there is also a gigantic building that is stillmany mysteries unsolved. That is the Borobudur Temple.
According to the history of Borobudur Temple was built byKing Smaratungga one of the king of the ancient kingdomof Mataram dynasty dynasty in the 8th century. According to the legend of the Borobudur Temple was built by anarchitect named Gunadharma, but the truth of the news inhirtoris not clearly known.
If we look from a distance, Borobudur will look like astaircase or a similar arrangement of building the pyramids and a stupa. Unlike the giant pyramid in Egyptand the Pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico Borobudur isanother version of pyramid building. Borobudur pyramidform kepunden staircase will not be found in the regionand any country.

Meanwhile, when viewed from the air, the BorobudurTemple is similar to the shape of lotus. Lotus is one of the symbols used in homage (worship) religion of Buddha,symbolizing purity, remind Buddhists to always keep the mind and heart remain clean despite being in an environment that 'not clean'

In the 1930's W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp never give scientific fantasy of the Borobudur Temple. Supported research on geology, Nieuwenkamp said that Borobudur stupa instead referred to as a building but as a lotus flower floating on the lake. The lake is now dry at all, used to cover a portion of Kedu lying areas that lie around the hill of Borobudur.Aerial photo Kedu area does give the impression of a vast lake around the Borobudur Temple. According to ancient scriptures, a temple founded in the vicinity bercengkeramanya the gods. The peak and slope of the hill, an area of volcanic activity, plateaus, banks of rivers and lakes, and the confluence of two rivers is considered to be a good location for the establishment of a temple. What's interesting is the name Borobudur temple architect, who named Gunadharma. But who Gunadharma? There are no historical records about a character named Gunadharma this. It is estimated Gunadharma is a symbol of the name of someone who has exceptional intellectual.There is an assumption that the Borobudur Temple was built with the help of 'other beings'. Basic materials making up the Borobudur Temple is a rock that reaches thousands of cubic meters of them. A stone weighing hundreds of kilograms. Remarkably, to glue the stones do not use cement. Antarbatu only linked to each other, the stone top-down, left and right, and rear-front. When viewed from the air, then the form of Borobudur Temple and statue-statue relatively symmetrical. The greatness of another, nearby Borobudur temple and there are Mendut Pawon. Apparently Borobudur, Mendut, and if drawn the line Pawon Khayat, are in a straight line. So no wonder there is a legend that says the ancients mastered the science of magic so they can fly in space.Including the Gunadharma this?
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