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Indonesia Overview

Welcome to the largest archipelago of the world; Indonesia, the conglomeration of over 13,000 islands. Be sure to enjoy a great time in the islands where adventure is a part and parcel of the daily life. The steamy archipelago constitutes of numerous adventurous activities along with the best of entertainment and other tourists attractions. A vacation in Indonesia is truly a memorable one with all that lies around. To know more about and planning travels to Indonesia check out the Indonesia Travel Guide. At AsiaRooms.com we offer you an all encompassing information travel guide to Indonesia which will the discerning traveler to search for the best in the country.

The enticing flavors of the exotic spices, the frenzied atmosphere, the vivid colors in the culture and the dramatic landscapes make Indonesia a paradise for the travelers. The country offers unmatched natural beauty which is vivid and rare. The colorful culture of the place leaves every mind thoughtful.
The country is clearly divided into the rural and the urban world with the cities in the country is in a state of constant change and urban development. The cities present a fine blend of dense population, modern construction and developing technology with the age old traditional; way of living. But the beauty of the country lives in its archipelago which is massive in numbers and most of them are still unexplored. So it is true fact that Indonesia still provides the travelers to explore the virgin lands and discover the secrets of nature that are hidden in the trails of the islands.

The archipelago is so big and is so many in numbers that out of the 13,000 islands only 1500 have been named. The biggest and the most important of the islands id Java. The capital city og Jakarta is situated in Java and is also centrally located. Java also is home to the maximum population among the other islands in the archipelago.
Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world after China, India and the United States of America. Largely a Muslim state, Indonesia is also home to 100 odd ethnic groups scattered around the different islands.

Culture Of Indonesia

The culture of Indonesia has took its current shape molded by several influences that have been prevalent in the land, as a result of the long process of interaction and acculturation between original indigenous customs and a multitude of foreign influences. Nestled between the ancient sea trading routes between Far East and Middle East, Indonesian culture, too a large extent has imbibed much of its daily practices and art forms from the Hindu, Buddhist, Confucianism and Islamic influences. These connections are clearly evident mostly in its many trading cities.
The kaleidoscopic cultural hue of Indonesia is largely cosmopolitan and need to be distinguished from the original. The complex nature of this culture can be easily gazed by various lines of faiths adopted by people here, for example: Agama Hindu Dharma, a denomination of Hinduism is now practiced by 93% of Balinese. Other examples are the fusion of Islam with Hindu in Javanese Abangan belief, the fusion of Hinduism, Buddhism and animism in Bodha, the fusion of Hinduism and animism in Kaharingan, and many others.

With the diverse influences, shaping up the perspective of the Indonesian people, their lifestyle and values, the impact of the cultural fusion is also noticeable in Indonesian art forms. For instances, wayang- a traditional form of theatre show performed with puppets was used to spread Hinduism and Islam among villagers in Java. Similarly, in various Javanese and Balinese dances, often stories about old Buddhist and Hindu kingdoms are told. In Sumatra, especially in its Minangkabau and Aceh regions, one can see direct architectural inspiration from the Islamic art forms and architectures.


As far as the westernization of culture of Indonesia is concerned, an imprint of it though cannot be ruled out, but it is mostly limited to modern entertainment, such as television shows, movies and songs. One of the major influences in this sphere are the Bollywood songs and movies.

Indonesia Festivals & Events

Indonesia is one of the most culturally developed countries in the whole of Asia. Tourist paying a visit to this country can attend the numerous festivals and events in Indonesia to learn about its colorful and rich culture.
The Indonesia festivals & events are held almost throughout the year. Right from January to December, a large number of religious as well as non-religious festivals are held in this country, which are attended by a large number of people, not only from within the country, but also from outside.
If you are paying a visit during the month of January, then you can check out the celebration of the New Years Day on the 1st of January or attend the Lomban Festival. The latter is celebrated by the fisherman of the country. They thank the sea for whatever they have caught during the year.
In the month of March, the country celebrates the Kasada festival, when people pay tribute to their ancestors by offering flowers, chicken and fruits. In April, the Nyepi or the Day of Silence is observed. This festival is also known as the Isaka New Year. The Bali Arts Festival is one of the famous festivals in Indonesia. A large number of cultural shows and grand processions are held on this month long festival. It gives one a true picture of the culture of the country.
In the month of August, the country celebrates its Independence Day. The celebrations are held on the 17th of August. You can watch the parades or the air shows on this grand day. Speaking of Indonesia festivals and events, tourists can check out the celebrations of the Hari Raya Pusa. Held in the month of October, this festival is an important religious festival of the country.
Besides these, there are numerous festivals held in the month of July, September, November and December. The festivals and events in Indonesia, with their colorful processions and cultural performances are worth attending. It's a time of merry making when people come together and enjoy by singing, dancing and organizing grand feasts.

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