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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Renggong Horse Contest

Welcome to the Renggong Horse Contest in Indonesia. This vibrant and colorful annual festival in September draws visitors from round the globe. Indonesia, in keeping up with the spirit of it its multi - cultured country, hosts diverse festivals and events every year. The Renggong Horse Contest is one of the most popular festivals here. The Renggong Horse Contest is an annual event held every year on the month of September at Sumedang. This is a very unique kind of festival. The Renggong Horse Contest gives an open invitation to horse lovers of the world to attend his festival. You can see different colored horses performing in the Renggong Horse Contest. In this festival the horses and jockeys exhibit their dancing skills in a heated competition. The horses are groomed to perform elaborate dressage moves along with a gamelan orchestra. Gamelan is a celebrated Indonesian instrument, hewn from bamboo and most closely jibing a glockenspiel. There is tough competition between the horses and their jockeys. In the Renggong Horse Contest, the horses are judged in accordance with their grace, obedience and beauty while the jockeys are judged by their outfits. As a result the buttons and the harness are so clean and shinny hat you can even see your own face in it. The Renggong Horse Contest is rather an unusual event in Indonesia because here the horses are taught equestrian ballet instead of using them in race or in various works as it is usually done in Indonesia. The hotels are full with tourists during this time. Besides enjoying the festival, you can also go sightseeing.
Contact Details for the tourists
Provincial Tourist Service of West Java
Penghulu Hasan Mustafa No. 22,
Bandung 40124
The Renggong Horse Contest is a very popular and colorful event in Indonesia. Pay a visit to this festival; you will also get thrilled seeing the colorful display of horses.

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