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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Toba Lake Festival Indonesia

Toba Lake Festival Indonesia is centered on Toba Lake, situated in the highlands of North Sumatra is the largest lake of Asia. It is one of the popular festival of Indonesia that reflects traditional heritage and color of country in true shades. Like any other festival of Indonesia, the Lake festival is also celebrated with same enthusiasm and zeal. The popular weeklong festival of Toba Lake attracts large crowds. This traditional festival of Indonesia features many cultural events that include traditional singing as well as dancing. However the main attraction of the festival is the canoe race contested by competing villages that resides across the lake. There is an also local arts and craft fair and food and drinks stalls to enjoy.
One can also enjoy traditional sports, boat races, cultural performances and contemporary shows, horse racing and water sports competition and also local handicrafts exhibition that has been held on Lake Festival occasion.
Situated in the heart of North Sumatra, Lake Toba offers panoramic view and pleasant climate to enjoy. Lake Toba is not only the largest lake in South East Asia that measures 100km in length. But it is also one of the deepest and highest lakes in the world. Besides the festival, one more attraction of Toba Lake is the island of Samosir, which is located in the center of the lake.

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