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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Bali Free Ride Nations Cup

Indonesia has turned out to be one of the important tourists destinations of the world. Visitors all throughout the year love to pay a visit to this destination over and again for its exotic landscapes. Moreover, there are numerous festivals and events which are organized in this country of islands. These festivals and events have attracted tourists from all across the globe. Bali Free Ride Nations Cup is one of the events and festival of Indonesia which has gained international recognition. The Bali Free Ride Nations Cup is generally organized in the month of September. Bali Free Ride Nations Cup is basically a competition for the Ski Jet Riders. The Ski Jet Riders wait for the whole year to take part in this competition. The players or we can say the Ski Jet Riders not only from Indonesia but from different countries of the world like France, Italy, Africa, New Zealand and also from different countries of the world take part in this event with full vigor. This event was inaugurated in the year 1999.in this event many world class ski jet riders offer certain deathly feats on their jet skis. In this event the visitors can see the both the man and machine crash through deadly waves of the sea. The ski jet riders also perform certain perilous jumps which are really amazing. Moreover, you can also find the experienced ski jet riders performing mid-air summersaults for the audiences. Huge people gather in the beaches to get a glance of this exciting event. The Bali Free Ride Nations Cup competition organizes two types or classes of competition namely the extremely popular Pro Stand up Class and Pro Sit Down. Moreover, during the competition international judges carefully observe every move of the athletes. General public can view the event free of cost. Moreover, the owner of the event gets cash money as prize. In the year 2006 the Bali Free Ride Nations Cup was held in Bali.
Bali Free Ride Nations Cup is one of the celebrated events and festivals of Indonesia which has attracted visitors from all around the world.

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