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Monday, 22 November 2010

Musi River

Musi River is the longest river in Sumatera Island; This River has 750KM length. Since Sriwijaya kingdom era, this river has become the main public transportation access. Musi River divides Palembang city (South Sumatera province capital city) into two areas. Those are sebrang ilir at the north and sebrang ulu at the south. Musi River is the important river for Palembang people, because this river becomes the best alternative transportation access. Besides as transportation access, this river also becomes the top vacation destination from Palembang city. Many visitors usually come to this great vacation destination in the night. At night, the panorama at this river is very awesome and it makes this river as the great Indonesia vacation packages from South Sumatera province.
The visitors can see many things at this vacation spot. We can see a beautiful sunset panorama at this river. In this river, we can also see the best Palembang city panorama with sparkling lamp light which is so enchanting. Musi River has become a great vacation spot for any one. At this vacation place we can also see Palembang Traditional house which is called Rumah Rakit (Raft house). We also can see some festival at this river such as Boat racing (bidar), Swimming competition, etc.
Musi River is located in the central of Palembang city, South Sumatera province, this river is easy to reach from any place at Palembang city. Near of this river, we can find many holiday inns and some restaurant which serves local cuisines. So if you want to find great vacation at South Sumatera province, you just have to visit this bride as your vacation destination place.

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