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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Manado Beach Festival

Manado, which is situated at the Bay of Manado, is the popular capital of the North Sulawesi province lying in Indonesia. The city of Manado is surrounded by a vast mountainous area. The five popular districts of Manado are divided into five districts: Wenang, Mapanget, Sario, Molas, and Malalayang. Manado is one of the largest cities in the region. This place is visited by visitors all round the globe. Manado is famous for its Ecotourism, diving, snorkeling and other games. Some of the other popular venue includes Lake Tondano, Klabat volcano and other places. Not only this, Manado, Indonesia is also popular for some of its events and festivals. One of the celebrated festivals and events, which have attracted tourists from all around the world, is the Manado Beach Festival.Manado Beach Festival is one of the popular events and festivals in Indonesia. This popular festival is a week long festival. Children as well as adults wait for the whole year to take part in this fabulous event. The Manado Beach Festival is celebrated to mark the anniversary of the city of Manado. Visitors as well as locals take part in this weeklong festival with full enthusiasm. During the festival the visitors will come across come traditional art. Some of the popular items are traditional puppets and dolls, Indonesian textiles, puppets, sculptures, paintings and also other traditional items. These traditional items truly reflect the Indonesian culture. The other attractions of this Manado Beach Festival are the musical performances. Locals as well as international artists take part in this extremely celebrated beach festival. In the live musical performances the visitors will get to hear some heart throbbing and melodious music. You can also find youngsters tapping to the tunes of the music played over here. Another major attraction of this Manado Beach Festival is the various sports competitions, which are organized here. The most popular sports, which are played over here, is diving. Moreover, during the festivals many local food stalls are set up. This year the Manado Beach Festival is going to be celebrated from July 7th to July 15th.
Visit the Manado Beach Festival with your friends and relatives and get yourself fully entertained and refreshed.

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