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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Jakarta Fair

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. Situated on the northwest coast of the popular island of Java, Jakarta is indeed one of the largest cities of Indonesia. This city of Indonesia was known as Sunda Kelapa, Batavia and Jayakarta in earlier times. This city of Jakarta is popular for its various temples, museums as well as numerous events and festivals, which are organized over here. One of the most famous events and festivals of Jakarta is Jakarta Fair. Jakarta Fair is organized every year in the city of Jakarta. It is basically held to mark the anniversary of the Jakarta city. Locals as well as tourists wait for the whole year to take part in this prestigious event. Jakarta Fair goes on for seven week. During this period people travel from far off places to Jakarta. This fair is basically a cultural and tourism fair of Indonesia. During the Jakarta Fair the visitors get an opportunity to see the traditional arts and crafts of Indonesia. Most of the traditional items, which are put on display, are usually prepared by the local craftsman. Some of the traditional items include Puppets namely wayang kulit which is a leather or shadow puppet of Central Java and the most popular wayang golek which is wooden puppets of West Java. Indonesian textiles like batik are also put on display out here. Traditional games like the congklak or dakon board are also available in this fair. The visitors can also come across many ornaments or gift items made of sea shell out here. Many antiques furniture are also exclusively put on display in this Jakarta Fair. In this extremely popular Jakarta Fair many ASEAN countries, different regions or states of Indonesia as well as many international firms also participate in it. The fair begins with kaleidoscope of traditional dances and costumes. Moreover some heart throbbing cultural performances are also organized in these fair.many locals as well as international artists take part with full enthusiasm. Moreover, some government stalls are also set up in the Jakarta Fair. These shops moreover charge reasonable price from its customers.
If you visit the Jakarta Fair you will get to know about the traditional arts and crafts of the country.

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