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Blogs I created aims to introduce its natural beauty,  
unique culture and biodiversity exist in Indonesia to the world,  
as I love the land of my birth, look at and I'll make sure you are shocked to see our beloved country was so beautiful, which I believe you almost  
never hear about the existence of this beautiful country.
less objective news makes our country sound less friendly, 

but do you know? that the Indonesian people so friendly,warm-hearted and tolerant of differences.
for example: ethnic groups in Indonesia reached more than 1128 tribes with diverse languages and religions so different  

but still living in harmony in a single slogan "BHINNEKA TUNGGAL IKA" 
which means "Unity in Diversity" in English.
At this country you will see mosques, churches,monasteries,  
temples and synagogues alongside without causing tension.  
Heralded Islam as a religion of harsh,radical and terrorist  
are not synonymous with found here.
they're so polite, smiling and light hand to help anyone who needed help.
try to come to our country and see yourself with your eyes,then you'll be amazed 

how you have been fooled by the news of the world is very unequal and unbalanced about our country and about Islam.

  Istiqlal Mosque and Katedral churches

 Mosque and Vihara

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