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Monday, 14 February 2011

Guci Hot Spring

If the city of Bogor has a peak, having Baturaden Purwokerto, Yogyakarta has Urang time, the town of Tegal, besides known as a producer of tea and satenya, Tegal also have a tourist area that is not inferior to other areas ie hot spring famous Jar cool and beautiful.
Bordered by Bradford and Tourism Pekalongan Jar is at the foot of Mount Slamet. Jars that are geographically into Tegal regency is a fertile area of the cold valve. The atmosphere pegununungan already apparent when we entered the Tegal regency. The jar is precisely located in District Bumijawa, Tegal regency.
Before entering the hot spring attractions that we would be arriving Jar fertile area with views of rice paddies, vegetable oil and red onion will dominate along the right and left sides of the road we've been through. Pain can not wait to feel the water that it seems efficacious in the Jar entertained with beautiful scenery and cool air. Royal road to a less crowded Jar increasingly penetrated the soul and awaken suasasa peaceful countryside.
About five miles back to the location, it appears the villas that line the edge or lodging rented to accommodate travelers who want to spend the night. Tegal is not only known by the jar, tea pocinya must not forget to taste. It feels less afdol if've arrived at Tegal not sipped his tea is thick and sweet. Pocinya made of clay adds its own pleasure.
According to the myth that has been around for hundreds of years, hot water jar is Walisongo water given to the people they sent to broadcast the Islamic religion to the western part of Central Java in the vicinity of Tegal. Because water was placed in a jar (pitcher), and efficacious to bring blessings, people mention the location of the water with a jar.
But because the water is very limited provision of guardians, on Friday night Kliwon, one of his magic wand sunan stuck to the ground. God willing, hot water flows without this grace-filled sulfur. Well, until now, every Friday night POND, many people come and bathe in this hot water bathing place to get a blessing. For the community around these attractions, Jar is warm water that flows freely from the ends, continuously, without stopping. The warmth of the water is believed to cure diseases.
There are about 10 waterfalls located in the Jar. At the top of the bathhouse called the shower 13. Somewhat distant about one mile, there are waterfalls with cold water Jedor named Waterfall. Named so because of first place in the vicinity of 15 meter high waterfall that is owned by a headman named Village Jedor.
Bath shower 13 is the location most visited by many people. So called because it has a shower numbered thirteen fruit. These baths can be enjoyed by anyone who do not pay alias. Also, soaking in the shower is the alternative seven other woods. At this shower, the villagers are also frequent bathing Jar either for the purpose of seeking blessings and to cure diseases such as rheumatism, sores or other skin diseases.
The object of this tour is usually crowded on Friday nights Kliwon. Many people who ngalap blessing. That said, if a bath at twelve o'clock to ask something, any request will be granted. This belief has been passed down through generations. If you just want to enjoy the scenery, Jar offers a tour of the forest. While the streets enjoying the view of pine trees, you can feel the coolness of this region.
If not interested in sightseeing, you can rent horses to get around and see waterfalls. That way you can enjoy the scenery without feeling tired and at the same time can learn to ride a horse. If you want to feel satisfied tour around the area covering about 210 hectares, you can stay in this area for several days. There are many lodging here, from the classroom until the star jasmine.
Indeed this tourist attraction is situated at the foot of Mount Slamet the north with an altitude of approximately 1050 meters from the town of Slawi about 30 km from the town of Tegal distance or travel about 40 km to the south. In this resort has available a variety of facilities such as lodging, tours jungle (ecotourism), heated pool, tennis courts, soccer fields, hotels, villas and camping grounds.
The jar is easy to reach from the various regions. From Slawi You can ride the mini bus majoring in Earth Java. Ekitar After thirty minutes, you stop at the Village Tuwel. There are many vehicles waiting for passengers to pick up jars. From the trip were said thirty menitpun will take you to a really interesting sights this.

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