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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mystery of Borobudur Temple

In Indonesia there is also a gigantic building that is stillmany mysteries unsolved. That is the Borobudur Temple.
According to the history of Borobudur Temple was built byKing Smaratungga one of the king of the ancient kingdomof Mataram dynasty dynasty in the 8th century. According to the legend of the Borobudur Temple was built by anarchitect named Gunadharma, but the truth of the news inhirtoris not clearly known.
If we look from a distance, Borobudur will look like astaircase or a similar arrangement of building the pyramids and a stupa. Unlike the giant pyramid in Egyptand the Pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico Borobudur isanother version of pyramid building. Borobudur pyramidform kepunden staircase will not be found in the regionand any country.

Meanwhile, when viewed from the air, the BorobudurTemple is similar to the shape of lotus. Lotus is one of the symbols used in homage (worship) religion of Buddha,symbolizing purity, remind Buddhists to always keep the mind and heart remain clean despite being in an environment that 'not clean'

In the 1930's W.O.J. Nieuwenkamp never give scientific fantasy of the Borobudur Temple. Supported research on geology, Nieuwenkamp said that Borobudur stupa instead referred to as a building but as a lotus flower floating on the lake. The lake is now dry at all, used to cover a portion of Kedu lying areas that lie around the hill of Borobudur.Aerial photo Kedu area does give the impression of a vast lake around the Borobudur Temple. According to ancient scriptures, a temple founded in the vicinity bercengkeramanya the gods. The peak and slope of the hill, an area of volcanic activity, plateaus, banks of rivers and lakes, and the confluence of two rivers is considered to be a good location for the establishment of a temple. What's interesting is the name Borobudur temple architect, who named Gunadharma. But who Gunadharma? There are no historical records about a character named Gunadharma this. It is estimated Gunadharma is a symbol of the name of someone who has exceptional intellectual.There is an assumption that the Borobudur Temple was built with the help of 'other beings'. Basic materials making up the Borobudur Temple is a rock that reaches thousands of cubic meters of them. A stone weighing hundreds of kilograms. Remarkably, to glue the stones do not use cement. Antarbatu only linked to each other, the stone top-down, left and right, and rear-front. When viewed from the air, then the form of Borobudur Temple and statue-statue relatively symmetrical. The greatness of another, nearby Borobudur temple and there are Mendut Pawon. Apparently Borobudur, Mendut, and if drawn the line Pawon Khayat, are in a straight line. So no wonder there is a legend that says the ancients mastered the science of magic so they can fly in space.Including the Gunadharma this?

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