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Sunday, 14 December 2008


Very often many thing become reality inspired by a dream. For example if one wants to have a very memorable holiday he will choose a place which have everything to fulfill his needs or his requests sometimes begin with a sweet dream. If a dream tells about beautiful island lies under the equator and have a nice weather all year round, an oasis of undying culture and quiet beauty, if so, Bali has it all.

Bali is a beautiful island situated within Indonesian Archipelago and one of the best tourist destinations in Asia. In 1930th some of the foreign writers and artists arrived in Bali and stayed on, thoroughly seduced and inspired by the island’s breathtaking physical beauty and cultural complexity. They were also deeply impressed by the warmth and the hospitality of the Balinese, and the amazing breadth of artistic expression that pervaded daily life.

Since 1970th Bali performed his high quality in tourism industry, and attracted many bona fide tour operators and airlines companies to bring their clients to enjoy this enchanting island. The island boast a Bali International Airport, luxuries 5 star Bali hotels, best built Bali villas, luxury and typical secluded resorts ad even hundreds of budget hotels.

The development in tourism industry continues in progress for years, and the visitors of Bali can learn and explore more its unique places of interest, various typical local cultures, enjoy the hospitality of the people, as well as other tourist attractions such as diving, snorkeling, para-gliding, cruising, rafting and even sports. Besides, Bali Island is also an ideal place for having MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Convention, Exhibition) and honeymoon. Tourism actually has been becoming a massive industry and the main source of Bali’s income.

In October 2002 and again in October 2005 Bali was frightened by a violence terrorist’s attack, the boom blast that devastated the island of Bali and the international community. More than 200 lives were lost and hundreds more were injured. It need months for recoveries and the Balinese people is still working hard to rebuild the image of the island and we look forward to a brighter and promising future for the Balinese and our tourism industry.

The Balinese have their own way to respond the terrorist attack not by physical violence but by peaceful means; performing major cleansing ceremonies, prayer and hopes, establishing a memorial for the lost lives, because the Balinese believe that the true and utmost prayer have a magic power to face up to evil. The Balinese doctrine Ruwa Bineda tells that all nature is eternally divided into pairs – high and low, right and left, day and night, strong and weak, healthy and sick, clean and unclean; in general: good and evil, life and death. Each illuminates the other within the scope of creation, and the Balinese ritual strives always to maintain a middle ground – a harmony between two poles. So wherever one goes, be a wise man and beware of any possible dangers and put oneself on guard, because the good and the bad are everywhere in this world.

All the appropriate efforts has been performed by Indonesian Government and the Balinese people and also by the world in order to keep the island peaceful. For the Balinese after performing major ceremonies, it is now time to move ahead and leave the incident behind us. Bali Loves Peace is our motto, peace for everyone, and peace for the world. Many of the visitors have been proved the peace of the island after the incident and leaved Bali with a memorable stay.

Bali is a fiesta for the senses. There are kilometers of dreamlike beaches (with white sand in the south and black sand in the north and west) and crystalline waters, edging coral reefs, which contrast with the exuberant green of the picturesque terraces of paddy fields, in a equatorial island of just 5,632 km? (2,000 square mi), 153 km x 112 km
(92 mi x 70 mi). Impressive volcanic landscapes and the silvery bright of the mountain lakes are the perfect combination; the highest point, the Mount Agung, is at 3,142 m (10,308 ft) high. And the intoxicating scent of Hybiscus flowers, cloves and incense sticks is always in the air. In Bali, the divine island of the Indian Ocean, there are about 20,000 temples and sanctuaries. Its calendar has 200 days of religious feasts and each morning people ask for the benevolence of the gods through offers of flowers and fresh food.

Even if life in Bali is based on ancestral rites and traditions, modern times have conquered the place. Especially in Denpasar, the capital of the island, a multicolor, noisy and turbulent city. Cars, motorcycles, old trucks run along horse carriages on the street. The chaotic traffic is permanent. Commercial centers, fast food chains, posh boutiques and souvenir shops mix with the most traditional cooking posts, old street markets and temples. The same can be said about Kuta and Legian, the most important touristic points on the southern coast. Here we will find the most luxurious hotels, restaurants, discotheques, next to beaches of fine sand, light waves and mighty palm trees. Singaraja is the ancient capital of multicultural influences and now the largest city in northern Bali. The best season for visiting Bali is in May-October. The music of Bali combines drums, xylophones and cymbals but also the bronze gong. The folk theater of Bali shows the ancestral fight between Good (represented by a dragon) and Evil (represented by a witch). Young men are dressed up with colorful fantasy clothes, dancing in the traditional Barong. Later on the evening, a puppeteer will play a Wayang Kulit, the popular Chinese shadows show. Religion is part of the daily life for the locals, but unlike most of the Indonesians, which are

Muslim, 97 % of the about 3 million Balinese are Hindu. Just like in the Hindu religion of India, monkeys are considered sacred animals. Craftsmanship is rich in Bali, with unlimited details and beautiful artifacts at low prices: bright brocades, artistic masks, hand cut figures and delicate silver costume jewellery are the most appreciated souvenirs. Here you can buy an authentic sarong and fabulous engraved batiks. Trade is the rule in Bali.

So if you plan a vacation do not doubt to put Bali at your top list for your next holiday destination. Bali is still worth a visit after the boom tragedy, because the situation is well in hand now. The easiest way to book your preferred Bali Hotels is go online and visit a hotel reservation website. Do a search for the city or island you are traveling to (Indonesia-Bali) and you will be presented with a list of available Bali hotels/Bali Villas in that area. Or you can search a local reliable Bali Tour Operator and contact him by e-mail for further information.

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